Take a Look Back at Some of the Memes of 2020 with  Instagram’s Year in Review

Take a Look Back at Some of the Memes of 2020 with Instagram’s Year in Review

December 14, 2020 0 By admin

The world threw so many challenges and surprises at us this 2020, the global pandemic is among them. But those still didn’t stop us from occasionally smiling.

While our lives almost entirely moved online – to social media, video chats and livestreams – due to the pandemic, there was one thing that disregarded distance and made us all laugh together, and it’s the art we call “memes.”

According to Instagram, over one million (1M) posts mentioning “meme” are shared to their platform each day; that whether you admit it or not, many of these have already once brightened up your day. And just a wild guess, you might even have some of these hilarious memes saved in your mobile devices and sent to those people who you wanted to laugh as well.

“This year, more than ever before, memes kept us sane and helped us cope when we were six feet apart or more,” stated Instagram. So for this year’s Instagram Year in Review, they wanted us to reminisce on the mood of 2020 – memes.

2020 Memes from Instagram that Made us Say “LOL”

“…we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite memes of 2020,” Instagram said. So here are some of the memes, the platform picked to showcase – some are funny while some are made to raise awareness.

Enjoy scrolling, people.


Those were the 2020 memes featured by Instagram in their Year in Review. You know what they are looking forward to in 2021? More memes, of course!

Source: Instagram Blog