Netflix’s Newest Adventure Series: Lost In Space

Netflix’s Newest Adventure Series: Lost In Space

May 2, 2018 0 By admin

Last April 13, 2018 Netflix launches it’s newest adventure series that is family-friendly. This series is based on the 1998 film movie “Lost In Space”. The main characters in the movie are the Smith’s Family but in this series it is the Robinson’s. This science fiction series centralizes the value of family, wherein you can see how the Robinson’s survived in a world full of challenges. In this series, you will also see that in any situation, trust and teamwork are your best weapon in surviving.

The thrill of the series started in the first episode wherein the family needs to fight the cold weather. Since Maureen Robinson cannot walk because of her injured leg, her husband John has an idea on recharging their suits by retrieving their power equipment from the craft.

Without any second thought, Judy Robinson jumped into the water and head to the sunk craft. While she was trying to get out of the craft, the water started to freeze which made Judy encased with ice with five hours of oxygen left in her suit. Will Robinson found out that Magnesium can melt the ice. John decided to go up on the mountain with Will to get some magnesium. While John and Will are on its way to the mountain, Maureen’s leg is starting to get worst. Judy instructed her sister Penny to do a surgery.

Meanwhile, John and Will reached the mountain that is full of magnesium safely. While John is busy in getting magnesium, Will suddenly fell off the mountain and slide down to a new world.

Will didn’t know what kind of world he fell into. While Will finding his way out of that world, he saw a half bodied alien robot and chased him. He ran as fast as he could and saw a huge tree and climb, however the other half of the alien robot is stuck on one of the branches of the tree.  As the forest was on fire, Will discovered that for the alien to lived, the alien must connect his upper body to his lower body, using a sharp thread, Will cut the branch of the tree that made the alien lived. The alien also helped Will Robinson escaped the forest and escorted him on its way back. The alien also helped Judy out of the frozen water.

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