Frozen 2 Movie Review

Frozen 2 Movie Review

November 25, 2019 0 By admin

Haven’t watched the “coolest” movie of the month yet? See what I did there? Yes, we’re talking about the Frozen 2! If you still haven’t seen the film and you would want to know if it’s the kind of sequel that is even worth watching while avoiding unwanted spoilers at the same time, well then, don’t be afraid to keep on reading. I’m not planning to drop any spoilers in this Frozen 2 Movie Review. Believe me, I enjoyed it and I don’t want to rob you off the excitement.

Frozen Vs Frozen 2

You got so thrilled before by the action-packed adventures of Anna and the gang to get Elsa bring back Summer to the Kingdom of Arendelle, I bet? If you did, know that the Frozen 2 is packed with even more electrifying and more challenging adventures that would keep you on the edge of your seat.

Frozen 2: About the Songs

Yes, we’re going to talk about the songs. Remember the hit songs that came from the first movie of Frozen? Of course you do. I know that the songs Let It Go, Love is an Open Door, and Do You Want to Build a Snowman had always been in our mind since 2013, but if you think that there are no more songs from the film that could match the song Let It Go on being a total earworm, well better prepare yourself to hear the next set of songs you’ll sing along with.

Frozen 2 Movie Review About Character Development

As much as I would want to elaborate more about the Character Development almost every main character has gone through, I wouldn’t go that far. All I could say for now is, if you’re hungry for some character development then you’ll pretty much get what you want. And speaking of characters, expect that there will be new faces. Their roles in the film however is already yours to discover. 

What about Hans, you ask? I’m not sure if he has fans or none, but either way, I refuse to talk about that character on this Frozen 2 Movie Review. I’m pretty sure it would be so much more exciting if you don’t know everything to expect just yet. 

Frozen 2: About the Plot

If you’re one of the people who often try to guess what will happen next even if you’ve only just watched at least the first ten minutes of the show, then it wouldn’t be surprising if you guess things right. I’m not saying that the plot is predictable though. But if you see a hint and something goes in your mind, there’s a big chance that your vision is going to be the next scene you’ll see. But hey, there’s definitely no need to worry though. I’m still pretty sure that there will always be that epic scene that will make you totally ignore your popcorn and solely focus on the big screen.

Overall Frozen 2 Movie Review

Overall, I honestly think that if you enjoyed the first Frozen movie and you just couldn’t get enough of it, there’s no way Frozen 2 would disappoint you. If you want to experience a roller coaster of emotion and if you probably would want to get goosebumps as well within just over a hundred minutes of sitting in the cinema, this movie would simply do the trick. Plus, spoiler alert! You’ll walk out of the cinema singing and humming the songs.