Did Amanda Nunes just accept the challenge to fight Jake Paul?

Did Amanda Nunes just accept the challenge to fight Jake Paul?

December 16, 2020 0 By admin

Jake Paul, the YouTuber who is currently making a career out of challenging celebrities to a boxing match may have found his match. After his stunning knock out win against former NBA star Nate Robinson, Jake Paul has been calling out fighters from the UFC, more specifically UFC Champion Connor McGregor.

Jake Paul’s Challenge

Paul gave the fight offer to McGregor and UFC President Dana White, but it went unanswered. This prompted Paul to make a profane video demanding McGregor and White to sign the contract.

Dana White’s Reaction

In a recent press conference, Dana White was asked about Paul’s challenge and the UFC President answered by saying he is thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock Paul out. White’s answer might not be 100% serious but it is not baseless either, because Amanda Nunes is a trained boxer in addition to her unparalleled skills in mix martial arts.

Challenge Accepted

In a recent tweet by the UFC women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion, she said “I’m in” as a response to Dana White’s “suggestion”. Will the fight happen? Experts don’t think so, but if it does, Paul will be in trouble since compared to his previous opponents, Nunes does have a colossal advantage in terms of skills and experience in the ring. One could say that they might not be on the same level.