Check Out The Slim Sleek Chick Zen Power Bank

Check Out The Slim Sleek Chick Zen Power Bank

June 21, 2018 0 By admin

We cannot leave home without our phone. A lot of people depend their social life and their work on their mobile phones. We connect and send messages to our love ones using our mobile phones. A lot of people also loves to capture photos and videos. And with this new sleek chick zen power bank, you will no longer worry about draining the battery of your mobile phone.


The new design of this power bank is slim that you could just hide it in your pocket. You will surely love the color of this power bank since some people loves black. Since this power bank is slim, it is way lighter than those other power banks. In addition, this new ZenPower Slim is designed more thinner than the others so that it will be more accessible to carry it around.


FLASHLIGHT- The new Zen Power Bank comes now with a flashlight. With this feature, you will no longer afraid of the dark. In case that you don’t have a flashlight well, take the zen power bank with you.

SPECS- The Zen Power Bank has 3000 mAh which can cater up to two charges. It has also 1700 mAh rated capacity. This is perfect whenever you run out of battery especially when you are doing something important on your mobile phone.

STYLE- At a first look, you cannot determine if this is a power bank or not, since that the design of this power bank is unique. It has a diagonal line which is perfect for the stylish millennials. The said power bank is more thinner than the others.

With this Asus ZenPower Slim you will never run out of style and battery life. Do what you wanted to do without the stress of draining your phones battery life.


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