Causes of Emotional Eating

October 4, 2018 2 By admin

Of course, everyone already experienced emotional eating and no one gets away from it. Its either they know what caused it or they are not aware. The funny thing is we know its not good for our health but we still do it to relieve what we’re going through.


Stress eating is triggered by fatigue, habits, boredom, sadness, and stress. According to MedicineNet, “When untreated, emotional overeating can cause obesity, problems with weight loss, and even lead to food addiction.”

The most common cause of overeating is “Feelings You Can’t Handle.” To release these negative emotions, we eat continuously unlike our normal eating routine. It becomes our habit whenever we deal emotions we can’t take any more or there is no one we can tell about it. The problem is, we tend up to think that sharing it to other people might take against us what we’re going through in the future.

The best solution to solve this problem is by handling your emotion and diverting it to what you love doing. Like exercising, reading books, painting, or do what you haven’t tried yet that been in your wish list for a long time.


Unawareness also cause emotional eating, most known to therapists as “Unconscious Eating.” According to Psychology Today, “Unconscious eating is when you’re done with your meal, and you continue to pick at it, slowly eating the remaining portion that you intended to leave behind.” You eat any food in front of you even though you just finish your meal.

So, remain mindful of what and when you are eating. The trick is eating slowly, don’t judge yourself, enjoy, and focus on what you eat.


Body hate is very common for girls that causes them to eat a lot. Not liking your body structure push you to overeat. Girls and also boys end up doing the counterpart of a healthy lifestyle which is eating or drinking alcohol. The solution to this problem is to LOVE YOURSELF! Keep in mind that insecurity is not healthy.




Lastly, if you let yourself get too hungry and tired will leave yourself vulnerable that ends to overeating known as Body’s Physiology. It just not only sends strong messages to your brain that signals to eat, but you are not your usual self too! Getting plenty of sleep and eating at least three times a day will keep you away from experiencing it.


People have their own problems that cause emotional eating. But knowing and being aware of what we are going through will help us to handle and stop overeating. Make a commitment to yourself on how to prevent and what alternative way to divert your problem.